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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SoftTouch?
The SoftTouch Recoil Reduction System uses a true oil filled hydraulic cylinder exclusive and specifically designed for recoil energy absorption. The cylinder is mounted in your stock to reduce the recoil by 60% or more. There is a link provided on this website that shows the scientific test results for our cylinder.
What does the SoftTouch do?
The purpose of the SoftTouch is to reduce recoil and save wear and tear on your shoulder and neck.
How will the SoftTouch benefit me?
Every shooter is affected by the recoil of a gun. The SoftTouch allows you to stay in the gun and finish the shot. It will eliminate cheek bruising and flinching.
How does the 4-way comb work on the SoftTouch System?
Our 4-way adjustable comb is completely stationary. The gunstock moves underneath, while the comb stays firmly on your cheek. Our system gives the shooter the ability to move the comb to the right or to the left, and also up and down to fit the individual shooter's face.
How much weight does the system add to my gun?
The standard SoftTouch system adds about 14oz. to the weight of the stock. The Ultra Lite SoftTouch system with titanium rods, worm holes and other weight reducing processes, adds only about 5-7oz.
What is the purpose of titanium?
The purpose of the titanium is to reduce the amount of weight that the SoftTouch System adds to your stock.
How do I measure LOP (length of pull)?
In our shop, we measure LOP from the trigger itself, straight back to the outer edge of the recoil pad at the back of the stock.
Are there any LOP adjustments after I have the system installed?
Once the SoftTouch system is installed, the only way to change the LOP is to change the thickness of the recoil pad. Recoil system which offer LOP adjustment tend to be unstable and break easily.
What is the Supreme Magnet Lock?
The Supreme Magnet Lock will keep the SoftTouch from collapsing if you have a tendency to mount really hard or pull your gun in tight. The Mag Lock can easily be adjusted for tension and locked into place through the butt plate. The Mag Lock does offer additional recoil reductions as some of the recoil energy will be used to break the magnets when the shot is fired.
How do I adjust my Supreme Magnet Lock?
Locate adjustment screw in the middle of the butt pad.
Turn the screw counter-clockwise to stiffen the Supreme Magnet Lock – more tension
Turn the screw clockwise to soften the Supreme Magnet Lock - less tension
What type of guns will the SoftTouch System fit?
Generally speaking, the SoftTouch System will fit into any gun out. In semi-automatics short LOP is limited to allow room for the SoftTouch parts.
I have shoulder, neck, or other problem that is affected by shooting. Will the SoftTouch System help with that?
Many of our returning customers have issues with shoulder, neck, or other problems that have affected their shooting. They have installed the SoftTouch in their guns because it helps considerably by reducing or eliminating recoil and the affect that shooting has on these types of problems. The SoftTouch System is also great for women and children.